The Botox Touch to Beautify Face

By | March 31, 2017

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Staying young and attractive is the eternal dream harbored in the hearts of millions of people nowadays. However, owing to various reasons, the texture of the face keeps reducing in quality, thereby taking toll of the overall look and feel of the face. This is caused mainly due to development of wrinkles, fine lines, crease line’ around the forehead, mouth and eyes. Let us dive deeper into the reasons behind these and the role of universal role of Botox Chandler in curing the same that makes it very common.

Why the wrinkles: The wrinkles, fine lines, etc. become prominent and look very odd as a person smiles or looks surprised. The main reasons behind these are aging, cellular changes, pollution that can severely damage the skin surface and the ill effects of free radicals in the sun. All these factors together cause the reduction in elasticity of the facial muscles due to erosion of collagen. However, Botox cosmetic injections play a significant role in regaining the original flexibility of the muscles, thereby giving back the same glowing face.

Utility and working of Botox in curing wrinkles: Today, Botox is a very common name in the genre of cosmetic surgery. This is because it actually treats skin deep and cures the wrinkles from the root so that the longevity of the splendid skin tone enhances. The Botox cosmetic injection is applied into the muscles of the face in order to reduce the muscular activity in and around the wrinkle prone areas. This in turn will help to improve the facial look for a temporary period of around three to four months. The results will start coming up after three to four weeks after applying the injection. Botox specifically treats the crow’s feet lines’ around the eyes and forehead by injecting into the main three areas of the Orbicularis oculi’ muscle that forms the basic foundation of the eye muscles. As the muscular activity diminishes, the effects also reduce gradually. Similarly, for the wrinkles around the forehead or rather the frown lines’, one Botox injection is given into the Procerus’ muscle followed by four injections in the Corrugator’ muscles that are responsible for frowning muscular expressions. Both the approaches are aimed towards decreasing the muscular retrenchment of the face, thereby helping to get back the original youthful look of the face.

Side-effects and other safety issues: Before going for the Botox cosmetic treatment for the face, it is very important to consult and inform a specialist about any allergies that the concerned person may have or else, the after effects can be detrimental to skin. Moreover, it can lead to other problems such as weakness, hazy vision, marked change in the voice, difficulty in swallowing and even breathing. Hence, it is always advisable to take care of all these issues before going for Botox cosmetic treatment.

The latest developments in Botox cosmetic treatment are taking care of the safety issues. These are lessening the side effects thereby making it a trusted treatment for removing wrinkles everywhere. After all, we all love to flaunt a face that can win the hearts of all and therefore, why not go for Botox!

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